Full degree programme: Apply for admission and register?

Your diploma of secondary education was NOT awarded by a school in the Flemish Community.

Submit your application for admission and follow the steps below.


1st May 2017: non-EEA nationals who require a visa to study in Belgium.
15th August 2017: EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals residing in Belgium, with a residence permit valid until Oct. 31st 2017 or longer.

  1. Fill out the online application form

    Available from 1st February 2017. All applicants are advised to start collecting the required documents as soon as possible.

  2. Print and sign your application form and mail it together with the required documents

    Odisee - Student Administrative Services Centre

    Warmoesberg 26
    1000 BRUSSELS

Please note:

All non-EEA nationals without permanent residency in Belgium have to pay a 75 EUR application fee.

Late applications

Late applications can only be accepted after contact with the Admissions Department or the Programme Coordinator.


Admissions Department
Kelly Van Hecke

Programme Coordinator
Alea Fairchild

Degree and credit contracts Student not entitled for a scholarship
Fixed fee € 234
Variable fee € 11,20/credit registered for
When registered for 60 credits € 906,10
Near-scholarship student *
Fixed fee € 234,10
Variable fee € 4,10/credit registered for
When registered for 60 credits € 480,10
Scholarship student *
Fixed fee € 106,90
Variable fee € 0/credit registered for
When registered for 60 credits € 106,90
Exam contract Fixed fee € 106,90
Variable fee € 4,10/credit registered for + € 50 for access to the digital learning environment
Increased tuition fee when insufficient balance of credits in learning account Not applicable for (near-) scholarship students € 11,20/credit for which no credit is  left in learning account

Tuition fee

For academic year 2017-2018 the tuition fee is set at € 906,10 for both EU and non-EU students.

The tuition fee you need to pay depends on the type of contract you register for, your entitlement to a scholarship from the Flemish Community and the number of credits you register for in 2017-2018.

Whether or not you are entitled to a scholarship by the Flemish Community depends on your nationality, residence status in Belgium and the income of your parents, your guardian or your personal income.

Start of the Academic year


Monday 25 September 2017

As a registered student, you and your parents are cordially invited to attend the Academic Opening.

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