Inclusive exam facilities

Within the framework of a broad basic care, 6 examination facilities are guaranteed to every student:

  • extra time (1/3) in case of a written exam
  • extra preparation time for oral exams. This does not apply to practical exams without preparation time.
  • having examination questions read out to you
  • language will only be taken into account for the evaluation if correct use of language (e.g. correct spelling) is included in the ECTS sheet of the course
  • use of a simple pocket calculator for basic operations (unless this is a core objective of the course)
  • permission to eat and drink something small during the exam (e.g. dextrose, small dry snack).

These facilities may be sufficient for you to cope with any difficulties you may have, in which case you do not need to apply for a special statute. Are these facilities not enough for you? Then apply for a special statute for people with disabilities.

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