What will the 2020-2021 academic year at Odisee be like?

You probably have lots of questions about what the 2020-2021 academic year will be like, what with the coronavirus pandemic. We can immediately reassure you: Odisee will be doing its utmost to ensure that you can be a normal student and enjoy the atmosphere, the student life, our campuses, our co-university of applied sciences in general. Because 'co' means together - so even in these unusual times, we are here to support you and together we will make this a great year. We have listed below some of the questions you may have been thinking of asking - and our answers to them.

Do we have an answer to everything? Sadly not. We follow the current developments and the government rules - but these are constantly changing. However, we'll tell you everything we do know. And you'll see: 2020-2021 is going to be a great student year, whatever happens.

How will the next academic year work? Let us explain! Watch the video!

Questions about study choice

I haven't yet (completely) decided what I want to study. What do you advise me to do?

Don't panic - just get as much information as you can. Visit our website (www.odisee.be), download the brochures of your choice or request the paper version – we will be happy to send them to you (www.odisee.be/brochures). We are still planning an open day on Saturday, 5 September, live and in person on our campuses. Check the info!

I would like to talk to someone in person about my choice of study. Is that possible?

Yes, you can do that via a video call. Our study advisors Inge and Leen will be happy to help. You can mail them at studieadvies@odisee.be to arrange a call.  And you can also contact more than 300 (!) students who have told us that they will be willing to chat or mail with you. You will find all the info here.

Can I visit the campus before making my final study choice?

Yes. We would love to welcome you on campus during our Open day on September 5. Check the info!

Questions about registering

How long have I got to register and can I do that online?

Because of the corona measures, you can't come along in person to register. But you can easily register online from home. You’ll find the information on our website

Are registrations limited because of the social distancing measure?

No. We have not limited the number of registrations. The aim is to do as much live teaching as possible, particularly for practical classes like lab activities and only to do a limited number of classes online. More about that later.

Questions about the next academic year

When does the academic year start?

Classes start on Monday, 21 September. For some study programmes, we are planning introductory or preparation days.

Will your classes take place online or on campus?

Both. Or even more. The plan is to give 'blended' teaching - with various work forms: online, on campus, in small groups... But: in 2020-2021 Odisee university of applied sciences expressly chooses live education. We want as many activities as possible to take place on campus. We will naturally take all the applicable safety measures and can always revert if necessary (we will then go fully or nearly fully digital). But the principle is: we aim to provide live education wherever possible.

How will you guarantee safety during classes on campus?

Our campuses are now all fully equipped to guarantee safety - and we will keep it that way in the new academic year. Social distancing continues to be our priority, keeping 1.5 metres away from each other. The number of students in a room will be limited and no large groups will be in one lecture hall. And where it's difficult to maintain social distancing, we will wear face masks. We will also ensure optimal hygiene (ventilation, disinfecting classrooms and materials, extra cleaning) and we rely on your help (wash hands, nose and cough hygiene, stay home if you have symptoms). We will also actively cooperate with the government's contact tracing policy. 

Can I count on your support, for example with online classes?

Via the website of our student facilities STUVO+, you can choose your campus and find out what we offer with respect to student support. You can also find the contact person who is responsible for student support on your campus. Send him/her an email with your specific question.

Questions about accommodation

How can I best look for accommodation?

The government is allowing visits to potential accommodation again. General guidelines have been established via the Wonen Vlaanderen agency. Via the website of our student facilities STUVO+, you can choose your campus and find the contact person who is responsible for accommodation at your campus. Send him/her an email with your specific question.