Online and external services

Take a look at our online sessions on e.g. study skills or take a look at one of the websites of (external) organisations that deal with youth welfare.

External organisations

The following organizations offer information, workshops and/or training regarding different themes such as burn-out, learning to relax, communication, depression, fear of failure, high sensitivity, perfectionism, speaking in front of a group, worrying, stress, resilience, self-confidence, relaxation, yoga,...

Their offer varies throughout the year and the same things are not offered every semester. So check regularly to see what's new.

Can't see the wood for the trees to find a suitable training and can you use some help? Feel free to ask the student psychologists for help.

How to cope with quarantine/isolation?

Advice on how to deal with the psychological stress of isolation.


Available 24 hours a day, for free, via phone, chat or e-mail.


Short meditation exercises

Everyone OK?

Online intervention to calm you down and to help you continue to function.