Student accommodation

So, are you going to move into student accommodation or will you commute? It’s a tricky question. For many people, going to university is synonymous with life in student housing. Going to university is a good way to spread your wings, become independent and brighten up your student days. It's important that you feel comfortable in your room, because this will be your new 'home' after all.

A golden tip for your search: make time to look for a room, go and see different rooms and compare them.

Our housing service will gladly assist you with information and advice for your search. They can give you answers about how much it can cost, where to look and they have some useful tips for search.

meerdere deurbellen kot appartement

Chamber list region Aalst

Chamber owners in Aalst can be included in this list on request.

Take a look at the recent list of room owners in region Aalst.

Taking over a room of Erasmus students

If you go abroad during the academic year, you can report this to STUVO+. Under certain conditions, STUVO+ will take over your room and rent it to foreign students.

More information

Katrien Wageman
+32 53 72 71 20


Student rooms BRIK

For student accommodation in Brussels, STUVO+ works together with Brik, a service desk for students in Brussels. They manage student rooms in the centre of Brussels and also coordinate an online database with their own rooms and rooms by private owners in and around the centre of Brussels.


In the online room file MyKot you can find standard student rooms, rooms with private bathroom and studios for 1 or 2 persons.
You can get access to this database via the website of Brik or directly via MyKot. Once you are registered as a new user, you have unlimited access and can see the contact details of the owners. By regularly consulting the file, you will have a good idea of the current availability and the rental prices of the properties in Brussels.

A standard room at Brik in the centre of Brussels costs on average € 470 per month, including a fixed amount for utilities and internet. The rental prices of the student rooms depend on the location, the desired comfort (private bathroom/shower or not) and the size of the room.

If the rental prices in the city centre are beyond your budget, you should look for a room in the other communes of the Brussels-Capital Region. Our campus is easily accessible by public transport and you can make unlimited use of it with a Brussels' metro system pass at student rate (€ 50).

The rental season in Brussels starts at the end of June - beginning of July and the summer months are particularly busy.
Some private owners start renting out their rooms earlier and work with a waiting list. Make sure to start looking in time.

Open days and guided tours during the summer at Brik

Throughout the summer, Brik organises guided tours (Kottours) of the student rooms it manages in the centre of Brussels. In order to have the first choice from the available rooms, they organize a pre-booking tour at the end of June for students who have participated in the Open Days (usually at the end of April) or who have contacted STUVO+ or Brik if you could not attend. During the pre-booking tour, you can make a note of the rooms that interest you and then immediately sign a rental agreement at the Brik office.

Attention! During this pre-booking tour and the guided tours in July and August, only the rooms managed by Brik in the centre of Brussels are included. The rooms by private owners are not included. You have to contact the owner directly to make an appointment to see the room.

Send an email to to be kept informed about these initiatives or surf quickly to the website of Brik for more information and the planning of these tours.

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Social housing for students

Are you looking for student accommodation in Brussels with a more social approach, are you looking for a room at a lower(er) monthly rent or do you want a combination of both? Then take a look at the websites of the following organisations in Brussels.

Social rental office for students - S.V.K.S.

This organisation was set up to meet the specific needs of students with a limited budget. To be able to rent a room or a studio through this organisation, you have to meet a number of financial conditions. If you qualify, you can rent quality student accommodation in Brussels at a lower price than the average market price.

More information can be found on the Website of S.V.K.S.


This organisation brings students and elderly people together under one roof. There are 2 formulas:

  • 'Classic' formula: you live with a family or an older person who is not in need of assistance, but where the relationship is based on respect and companionship. There are no obligations attached to the housing, but you must respect certain rules in order to ensure good living conditions.
  • You pay a maximum of €300 for the rental of a room in a family home.
  • Services" formula: you live with an elderly person and this form of cohabitation involves an obligation to be at home regularly and to perform household tasks for a number of hours per week, e.g. help with the shopping, putting out the rubbish, helping with the administration, going for a walk together, preparing a meal, etc.
    In exchange for your help in the household and your company, you pay € 180 for the rent of a room.

More information can be found on the website

Kot @ Ghent

Students looking for a flat on the private market should visit You can consult the real estate database and search for a room that meets your requirements. The search engine will help you find the available rooms for the next academic year.
On this site you will also find all the information about renting a room in Ghent, your rights and duties as a tenant, tips and tricks, a model lease, ...

Student house Ghent

There is a student house in Ghent with 16 rooms and 6 studios within walking distance of the campus.

Would you like to rent a room or studio in the student house of the STUVO+ Technology Campus Ghent? You can find more information and the registration conditions at STUVO+ in office A004. Students with a physical disability can also stay in one of the adapted studios.

Sublet your room?

If you are going abroad on exchange during the academic year, you can report this to STUVO+. We keep a list of available rooms for students who are still looking for a room for the second semester. In this way, STUVO+ can help you to re-let your room.

In order to offer a room or studio, come to office A004 with the completed takeover form that you can download below!

Bring your documents personally and at the latest on the first Monday of October!

Looking for a flat for the 2nd semester? From Aalst to Ghent as a KU Leuven student?

For students from campus Aalst who are studying at the Technology Campus Ghent during their fourth semester (or exceptionally also for other students at the Technology Campus Ghent), a list of available rooms will be kept. These will be rooms of students who are going on Erasmus during the second semester and wish to rent out their room or available rooms in their own student house.

In digs during exams?

STUVO+ sometimes has a few rooms available during the examination period in January, June or August. Students at the Technology Campus Ghent who commute can temporarily rent a room from STUVO+ during the upcoming exam period.

Who is it for?
Students at the Technology Campus Ghent (registered for at least 27 credits) for whom commuting would be a disadvantage during the exam period.

What is it?
A STUVO+ room with shared bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. Basic furniture and kitchen equipment are provided.

Where are we located?
In the immediate vicinity of Technology Campus Ghent.

When can I rent a room?
You can rent a room for the duration of the actual exam period (depending on the program) and this until February 1st/30th at the latest!

What is the price?
Depending on the rental period and the type of room, you pay an all-in price of at least €300.

STUVO+ will take into account the time of application and the distance between the home address of the student and the campus when assigning the rooms.

For more detailed information and to submit an application to rent one of these rooms, please contact STUVO+.


Student Residence on Campus

In Sint-Niklaas, 42 students can live in the student residence on campus.
Going to live in student housing for a short period of time (exams, internship, etc.)? That's possible too!

Interested? You can find more information in this brochure.

Private market student rooms

STUVO+ also provides information about approved rooms on the private market.
Click here for the room list of Sint-Niklaas.

More information

Els Van Eetvelt
+32 3 776 43 48