Study material @ Odisee

As a student, you will use a wide range of study materials during your studies.

  • At the beginning of the academic year and each semester, you want to get off to a good start. You can read how study materials fit into this on the page: Asuccessful start.

Below you will find information about the study materials from the academic year 2021-2022 onwards.

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What study material can you expect?

  • Textbooks

    Textbooks will be sold through the online Standard Student Shop at the beginning of September.

    In the Standard Student Shop you can consult the list of textbooks based on campus, programme and phase and add the items to your shopping basket.

    Some study programmes offer extra or different information at the start of the academic year. More information on this soon.

  • ePublications

    The course texts written by faculty are published online in 2 formats: as pdf-files and as (online) e-books.

    • You can download the pdf-file, consult it on all your devices and use it to make your own printed version.
    • The e-book is a didactic tool for viewing multimedia or interactive enrichments or for making (and sharing) teaching notes.

    Access to the e-publications is free and automatic from mid-September but requires you to have an Individual Study Programme registered in the application My ISP.

    So make sure to prepare your ISP quickly, so that you can also access your ePublications.

    More information
    about ISP

    More information
    about eBooks@Odisee

  • eCourses

    Some programmes offer fully online courses for students and the field via the open platform: eCourses@Odisee.

    You will receive information about the access to these e-courses and the way they are used from your professor.

    More information
    about eCourses@Odisee

  • Laptop and software

    As a student in higher education, you need a laptop. For each course there is also a bundle of software that you can use during your studies.

    More information
    about laptops en software

What if things go wrong?

Sometimes things go wrong, an ordered manual is not delivered, you cannot log in to "My study material", an e-book does not open or you cannot install software.

Quickly find the right way to the right support.