We are Odisee

Odisee is the co-college. To use a buzzword: we love co-creation. That means we tackle your studies together. Your teachers are not just teachers but coaches. Your internships are not just companies or institutes, but connections. With us, your campus is not just a campus but a place where comfort, meeting, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. Spotted all the co-words in the previous sentences? No coincidence of course.

Let our students convince you

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Also tailored for adults

If you are an adult and you are considering studying (again), it is possible. Maybe you have never followed higher education and now you want to go for it. Or you don't have the right diploma for the job you do and would like to obtain it. This is possible thanks to our wide range of graduate, bachelor and advanced bachelor programmes. Or perhaps you are a professional and you feel the need to continue your education? Or do you want to specialise further in your field? At Odisee, you can brush up your knowledge, broaden it or deepen it with a banaba, postgraduate, refresher course or study day.

Meer dan een opleiding

Co staat voor samen, we pakken je studie samen aan!

Naast opleidingen biedt Odisee een hele waaier aan extra voorzieningen. Zoek je een kot? Doe je aan topsport? Leef je met een functiebeperking? Heb je het financieel wat moeilijker? ... Ontdek waar wij je mee kunnen helpen!