E3: empowering education in a European context

This international module aims to create a European learning community of teachers with a focus on teaching in Europe, professional teamwork, education for citizenship and intercultural communication in education. 

The programme is open to all students enrolled in a teacher training programme, who wish to professionalise their teaching skills in a European context. The content applies to preprimary, primary and secondary education. The programme offers a combination of theoretical modules (lectures/group work/school visits/blended learning) and a practice-oriented module.

The practice-oriented module contains two weeks of practice (school observation, co-teaching, development of educational materials, …) and several traineeship days. Students work with a digital portfolio. 

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To apply for registration, follow the procedure as described on our page.


  • This course is open to all Teacher Training students from Preprimary, Primary and Secondary Teacher Training. Students should have completed the first half of their studies. 
  • The course is implemented at 4 different university colleges: Odisee (Belgium), Pädagogische Hochschule Stelermark (Graz, Austria), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and University College Copenhagen (Denmark). In 2021-2022 the course will be implemented in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Courses consist of lectures, workshops, self-study, group work, practice, excursions and reflections in a digital portfolio.
  • Number of European credits: 30 (including 6 ECTS for teaching practice).
  • Spring semester.

Campus Brussels

This course is implemented at Campus Brussels.