Start your registration journey at Odisee University College! 

Odisee is the co-hogeschool (co-university college), where 'co' stands for together, for co-creation. We want to tackle your studies together. Together with you, we want to build your exciting (new) career.

And there is much more waiting for you, because at Odisee, you will be in good company and meet countless new people. Whether online or in real life, together with them you will experience unforgettable moments.

Studying determines the rest of your life - both professionally and personally. We are proud that we, as a university college, can play a role in this process.

Studenten met laptop pratend in cafetaria


  • Registration with a non-Flemish diploma

    If you have obtained your secondary school diploma at an institution outside the Flemish Community, you cannot register immediately. Not even if you are Belgian and/or Dutch-speaking. You first need to apply for admission.

  • First registration

    If you would like to register for an associate degree or bachelor programme and you are new at Odisee, start your online registration here.

  • Registration after a break

    Were you a student at Odisee before, but not during the last academic year? Or did you officially deregister during the previous academic year? Then you need to register online again. Find out more.

  • Re-registration

    You were already a student at Odisee last academic year and you didn't deregister during that year? You want to register for the next academic year, in the same or another programme? Re-registration is the way to go.

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