Monitoring of studies by parents or third parties

Because of the privacy law (General Data Protection Regulation) Odisee is not allowed to provide data about its students to third parties.

This means that we don't provide any information to parents or third parties, but only to the student in question. However, as a parent or third party, you can follow the student's study academic career in various ways.

Privacy toets op een klavier

Academic calendar

The academic calendar provides an overview of the start and end of the academic year, semesters, educational activities, exam periods, catch-up activities, holidays and public holidays.

Exam results

After each exam period, the exam results are published via the online study progress file. This happens on predetermined dates.
Next to the obtained exam results, possible measures of study progress are also mentioned in the study progress file.

If you let the student log into his/her study progress file in your presence, you can look at the online official exam results together.
Logging in can be done from any computer with an internet connection and every registered student can log in.


From the month of December following the academic year of graduation, diplomas are awarded. A student who has graduated can apply for a job or register at an educational institution after graduation with a provisional certificate, pending the official diploma.

More information on the provisional certificate and the official diploma can be found here.

Groeipakket/Child benefits

If there is a discussion about child benefits, the student can print out a certificate with the amount of credits taken via the self-service application. This certificate can be sent to the child benefits fund.

If the student is not registered - or for insufficient credits - he will no longer receive child benefits.

What to do when you don't receive any child benefits anymore?

Learning account

A central database of the Flemish government keeps track of the learning account of all students. Every student can consult this database via the Student Portal (only available in Dutch) and thus monitor the status of his/her learning account online.
The student can log in with his/her e-ID card.