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Get off to a flying start with the e-course

With the e-course Getting started as a student with the educational technology of Odisee, you will immediately be on the right track. These self-study course guides you through the most important education technologies which Odisee offers in just 1¼ hours. Think of technologies such as Toledo, Office 365, My Desk (Mijn Loket) and the ICT range for hardware and software.

E-course Als docent van start met onderwijstechnologie

The service desk is happy to help you!

The colleagues from the ICT Service Desk are happy to help you with any technical issues. For problems with your account, you don’t even have to log in. If you are experiencing other issues, for example with an application, your printing credit, or a printer or photocopier, you must first be able to log in with your Odisee account.

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ICTO student tips

Students regularly receive tips from ICTO. These student tips delve deeper into a wide range of themes, like the library, eBooks, the ICT service desk, Office 365, the learning platform Toledo, and other tools.


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For the following platforms, you can get more general information:

Toledo @ Odisee

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Office 365 (available soon)

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