Our values, our mission, our vision

On this page, you will learn more about who Odisee is today, which values we find important in our operations and especially where we want to go in the future. Because we like to look ahead, even towards 2027. We call ourselves the co-hogeschool - but where does that come from? And what kind of education do we stand for? What kind of community are we? You can read all about it below.

Werken bij Odisee
Our mission, a timeless mission

What do we do, for whom and with whom?

We are Odisee, an open community of students, educational and professional practitioners who learn, teach and do research together.

What drives us, what are our core values?

  • Open
  • Connect
  • Emancipate
  • Pushing Boundaries
  • Driven
  • Optimistic
  • Curious
  • Respectful
  • Committed

We are Odisee...

We form highly educated professionals.
We are proud of our graduates.
We have a conviction.

We, Odisee...

Believe in the power of people.
Our focus is on people, their talents and development.
The student is central in this.

Optimism drives us in everything we do.
We have confidence in each other, share experiences, knowledge and skills in open networks.
Thinking, daring, doing, persevering and dreaming are our leitmotivs.
We embrace differences.
By working together intensively and actively participating, we aim for high quality, get the best out of ourselves and give direction to the future.

Our college is a springboard to new worlds with which we enter into dialogue, even into confrontation. We offer challenging frameworks that provide room to experiment and innovate.

From Flanders and Brussels we opt for Europe and the world.
Based on a Christian tradition, we are open to everyone and encourage a credible social commitment.

Our vision in pictures

The foundations of our vision

Sustainable, Inclusive, Agile, Cocreation


Because climate change, shrinking biodiversity and increasing social inequality are major challenges. Because the engagement of the education sector in this global reality really matters. By sustainability we mean:

  1. Learning gains, lifelong
  2. Practice-based research as a driver for innovation
  3. Sustainable campuses
  4. Efficient operation that creates space for development
  5. Balance between living and working


Because tomorrow's students have diverse backgrounds and expectations. Because open, accessible learning communities are a powerful lever for effective learning. When we say inclusive, we think of:

1. Accessibility: wide range of learners and graduates

2. Skills in differentiation: challenging and supporting

3. Collaborative learning

4. Social connection

5. Living campus as an open house


Because we live in a rapidly changing society where the labour market is more than ever in flux. Because the shelf life of qualifications is shortening, workers are becoming directors of their own careers, armed with 21st century skills and growing towards a professional identity. To us agile means:

1. Director of own learning and career

2. As well as inclusive and sustainable, a competency for the 21st century

3. Sense of new evolutions, antennae directed outwards

4. Working flexibly towards objectives from open frameworks


Because excellent relationships with students and professionals make us constantly sensitive to the growing diversity of needs and requirements. Because we can only successfully address the complex challenges of the future together with our stakeholders. What we want to achieve is:

1. Become skilled in collaboration and cocreation with each other, with students and externals

2. Collaboration and co-creation between departments, departments and education and training teams.

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