Being at university is not always plain sailing. Sometimes, you get 'stuck' at a certain point: you might be unhappy with how your programme is working out, with your choice of programme or with yourself even... Remember, you don’t have to deal with it alone! Our staff members are always available if you want to talk about your worries or problems. Talking about it with an expert outsider is often the first step towards a solution for a problem that at first seemed insurmountable. Here is a list of the various options there are for counselling.

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Study advice

Perhaps you’re hesitating between two programmes and daren’t trust yourself to make the right decision. Or perhaps you’re wondering whether you’ve actually made the right choice when it comes to your studies. Maybe you simply have no idea what you want and you’d like the chance to explore your own talents, strengths and weaknesses. If you’re worrying about any of these matters, you can get in touch with a student advisor for an informal talk.

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Learning-path coaches

A learning-path coach is a lecturer from your programme or the head of your faculty. He or she can help you if you have questions about your programme. That could be anything from simply providing specific information about the programme in question or helping you discover and set out a course for your studies that suits you best.

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Studying with a disability

Studying with a disability can present additional challenges. Together with you, we will examine where you are experiencing difficulties and whether you are eligible for a special status.

Students with a special status of disability are entitled to a number of educational and/or exam facilities. These support measures will be granted in consultation with you and the program.

Do not hesitate to contact the disability officer of your program if you think you may be eligible for this. You can ask him all your questions and discuss your situation.

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Psychological counseling

Would you like to talk to someone about personal problems? Do you need help dealing with performance anxiety or procrastination? Or perhaps you’d like some advice on how to improve your study skills or some help with drawing up a study schedule. If you need help with any of these matters, get in touch with one of our student counsellors. You can talk to them free of charge.

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Ombuds service

The ombuds service protects your rights and duties - which you can read about in the Education and Exam Regulations -, helps with your questions, provides any information you need, and mediates, if necessary, if you have a problem interacting with a lecturer. If a problem arises in the run-up to, or during, the exams, please contact the Exam Ombuds Service.

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Transgressive/inappropriate behavior

At Odisee, we will not tolerate any kind of inappropriate behaviour at all. If, despite this warning, we observe any such behaviour, the matter will always be treated seriously and dealt with immediately.

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Inclusive examination facilities

As a student of Odisee, you are entitled to a number of inclusive exam facilities. You do not have to undertake anything extra for this: all students are automatically entitled to these.

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Cloudversion Alinea & Web2Speech

Every Odisee student can use Alinea in the Cloud.
Alinea in the Cloud is a smart text tool that allows you, among other things, to have texts read aloud, use word prediction, spell check, look up words and read and write in your digital books and pdf documents. You can also use the program as a study aid: you can mark texts and make summaries. There is support in 4 languages: Dutch, French, English and German, with automatic language recognition and matching voices.

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Online workshops and external services

Through online sessions, the student psychologists explain study methods and planning, ways to deal with procrastination or fear of failure, and how to best prepare for exams.

You will also find an overview of external organizations with information and training on various topics.

Students for Students

Our Odibuddy's will be happy to show you around the university!