Nutrition and Dietetics

In the Nutrition and Dietetics programme you become an accomplished dietician and nutrition expert. You will learn everything about healthy and balanced food for different demographic groups of today's society. This acquired knowledge can be used to provide nutritional advice adapted to the client and to explain the relationship between diet and health, based on the Belgian food dietary guidelines.

With this degree you can start your career as a clinical or administrative dietician (in different catering environments) or as an nutritional expert in a preventive healthcare setting. Another future possibility is working in the food industry as quality controller. In short: you are of indispensable value in hospitals and nursing homes, but most of all you are indispensable for your clients!

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To apply for registration, follow the procedure as described on our page.


  • These courses are open to students in Dietetics and Nutrition.
  • During the placement period students work five days a week.
  • Number of European credits: 6 or 14.
  • Autumn or spring semester.

Technology Campus Ghent

These courses are managed from Technology Campus Ghent.