Transgressive behaviour

As a university college, we want to work towards an environment where there is no room for transgressive behaviour and where such behaviour is taken seriously and tackled if it does occur. Everyone has the basic right to decide for themselves where their boundaries lie. If someone else crosses your personal boundary, this behaviour is undesirable. It is then important to indicate this immediately and clearly in your communication.

What is transgressive/inappropriate behavior?

Others are expected to respect the boundaries you have set. We speak of transgressive behaviour when the other person does not take this into account.
In addition, behaviour that is inappropriate in terms of general decency or the specific context is also considered transgressive.

Appropriate restraint

As a student, the guidance in your learning process or study pathway always prevails. Since you also have to be assessed, it is extremely important that an objective evaluation can be guaranteed in all circumstances. That is why, from this context, you can expect the people who guide you in this learning process to exercise appropriate restraint. In the same way, you may expect appropriate restraint from the people who guide you in your internship.

Why is reporting important?

Reporting a problem is important so that you are not alone in dealing with it. It often helps to better deal with it and feel better about yourself.

It is also important to protect yourself. By reporting it you can learn to recognise signals more easily and deal with them so that the situation does not escalate quickly or become threatening. At the same time, reporting can also help prevent possible future situations involving other students.

Of course, it is also important to be able to guarantee an objective evaluation in all circumstances.

The confidants can give you information and advice on how to deal with the situation and set your boundaries. If necessary, they can also take measures to ensure that the transgressive behaviour stops.

The confidential counsellors will never take any action without consulting you and without your explicit permission. They will always take care of you as a student.

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Talk and report

What do you do when you are confronted with transgressive behaviour?

When your gut feeling or intuition tells you that a situation is not okay, it is almost always right. It is then extremely important to do something with it.


Talk about it with your friends or with your parents so you can check your gut feeling. If you do want to talk about it anonymously (at first), you can always call tele-onthaal.

Always make sure you communicate clearly about your boundaries.

If you have any doubts or feel that boundaries are being crossed - by whomever - you can always report this within the University College to one of the student psychologists who act as a confidential advisor for such situations.

If it concerns transgressive behaviour at your internship, you can also report this to your internship supervisor at the University. You may also contact the confidant of your internship directly. However, we recommend that you make your report in the first place via the University College. The University College will always take care of you as a student and, if necessary, consult with the confidential counsellor at the place of internship.

In any event, we would absolutely advise you to always report it when it occurs.

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