Deviations from ECTS agreements

You can consult the study information of a course (ECTS sheet) in the programme guide. Here you will find a brief overview of the expected starting competences, objectives, competences and level of mastery, learning content, learning pathways and teaching methods, evaluation modalities and study materials.

In the ECTS sheet, you will also find a reference to the appendices for the internships and to the guidelines for the bachelor's thesis and the final thesis. The ECTS sheets can be adjusted until the 15th of September for courses of the first semester and until the 31st of January for courses of the second semester. The ECTS sheets are an integral part of the Education and Examination Regulations.

To record any agreements that deviate from the provisions in the ECTS sheet between yourself and a lecturer, you need to use the Form 'Application for deviation from the ECTS-agreements'. This form mentions the programme component, lecturer, student, the agreed provisions and a signature of the student, lecturer and the responsible learning path coach.
After signing it, you must send a copy to the Student Administrative Service Centre of your campus.

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