Are you intrigued by state of the art machinery, electromechanical processes and HVAC? Do you want to be able to design, maintain and optimise these processes and installations, assuring a sustainable and rational use of energy and a high efficiency yield? Don't have any doubts: Electromechanics is your cup of tea!

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Courses for Electromechanics

  • Internship/thesis combination

    In this programme you'll be doing an internship/thesis combination (30 ECTS) in a company or at the Odisee Campus Aalst. The training period consists of a project during the full semester, where you specialise in (a combination of) topics in your field of interest. This is related to a practical, hands-on and real life problem encountered in a specialist company.


To apply for registration, follow the procedure as described on our page.


  • These courses are open to Electromechanics students.
  • During the placement period students work minimum four days per week onsite and one day per week at Odisee.
  • Number of European credits: 30.
  • Spring semester.

Campus Aalst

This course is managed at the Odisee Campus in Aalst.