How do we look at the learning trajectory of our students?

Our programmes work with four principles in the learning process of our students. In this way, they try to realize our dream of an inclusive, agile, sustainable and co-creative educational institution.

Lean and agile higher education

Lean education and service means designing education as efficiently as possible with the aim of creating an effective learning environment in which the student learns, the teacher supports that process and the service facilitates it all.

In this philosophy, the learning of our students is central. We focus on the essence, let go of what no longer matters and strengthen what is valuable.

Concretely, we go back to the professional core of our education and prepare our students for the future by integrating our Odise-wide learning results.

The learner's turn: ownership of own competence development

As Odisee, we form highly educated professionals: the students are central to us. We give them the necessary support to be in the driving seat of their own learning process, where they can fully discover and develop their talents.

Evaluating to learn

We place maximum emphasis on formative assessments, whereby students gain an insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, but also into the next steps in their learning process. Feedback, but also feedup and feedforward are central.

We take steps towards integrated assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Active learning in authentic and co-creative contexts

As a co-university of applied sciences, we naturally focus on co-creation. Our students work together with teachers, researchers, companies and organisations to solve complex social problems.

We immerse them gradually in practice by actively learning on the job or in realistic simulation contexts.