L.O.R.E. Robot

OPT at Odisee university college (Ontwerp- en productietechnologie or 'Design and Production Technology' ) starts with a new student project course: designing a high performance mechanical framework for a 16 servo robot named L.O.R.E.

This project can be selected as part of the 'Free Design & production challenge' section of our courses 'Ontwerpen 4' and 'Lassen & Plaatbewerking' (Designing 4 and Welding & Sheet Metal). Starting from March 2021, a select group of students are enthousiastically designing and building their own robot on top of this robotic control system -> stay tuned for updates!

TIGinator versie van L.O.R.E. Robot, prototype render

Work Preparation for the milling of the Servo Mounting Head.

Work Preparation for the milling of the Servo Mounting Head. It will be mated to an 3D-printed adapter that connects to the sheetmetal arm.

werkvoorbereiding Servokop freesstuk

Preparations for the first L.O.R.E. build have begun!

The 3D-CAD model and 2D construction drawings of the TIGinator are checked for manufacture feasability by OPT teachers (Renaat Van Hecke, Geert Poelman and Jurgen Symynck). A team of three eager students will modify and build all the necessary parts as  par§ of the 'Projecten 3' or 'Pojects 3' course at Ontwerp- en productietechnologie , results are expected around january 2022.

2021-09-17_Voorbereiding_Projecten3_LORERobot (14-3).JPG
  • The ‘proof-of-concept’ in the photos is made from 4mm plywood, designed in AutoCAD and SolidWorks, and cut on our BRM lasercutter. It lacks the stiffness for proper functionality, obviously; it is used mainly for designing and testing the firmware and pc control software.

  • The arm is controlled by an Arduino Mega 2560, with  Adafruit 16-Channel PWM/Servo Shield (product ID: 1411) driving three Hitec HS-645MG modified hobby servo's with position feedback. The Arduino runs our own firmware. The pc communication is handled by Ball Aerospaces COSMOS, which also records the teach-in motions.

  • L.O.R.E. is short for:

    • Language Observation & Reproduction Equipment 
    • Lady Of the Robotical Engineering
    • Lab of Odisee’s Robotics Education
    • Learning Odisee Robots Exploration
    • ... according to taste! 
  • More info: 

    • Power supply is a high quality Weidmuller CP E SNT 100W 5V, 16A SMPS, needed to reduce severe EMI (a cheap wall plug type supply won't work).
    • "Servo Feedback Hack (free): 8 Steps - Instructables")
    • https://cosmosrb.com

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